“My mother and father started this show because they believed in the potential this city offered and wanted to support regional business progress,” says Dana McCurdy, Managing Director at Bay Events.  “The show’s longevity and growth is a testament to them and the local people who have supported us along the way.”

Bay Events was established in 1995 by Raewyn and Graeme Martin and has since put on over 60 trade events.  Their daughter Dana joined Bay Events in 2011, and recently son Richard also joined the team, creating a truly family business.  “Being locally owned and operated means we’re able to work with community groups,” says Dana.  “We feel very fortunate to have a hand in helping grow our community.”

In the beginning, focus was on making shows successful for exhibitors.  “We quickly realised that we needed to focus on visitors just as much,” says Graeme.  “We strive to create an event where visitors enjoy the atmosphere, linger longer and explore more.”  This focus on relationships is the main business driver, and the reason why the Tauranga Home Show has been so successful.

The show has grown together with exhibitors and suppliers, with some current exhibitors on board since the first Tauranga Home Show took place at Mount Action Centre in 2000, later moving to what is now Trustpower Baypark.  “The creation of the Baypark venue was a real step up for Tauranga,” says Graeme.  “Single-level with huge carparks and multiple loading zones, it’s one of the most workable event venues in the country.”

Even in today’s digital age, exhibition-style marketing is strong and growing.  “Face to face marketing and dealing with real people is still key, it’s become even more relevant,” says Dana.  “People are happy to buy online, but when making big investments for your home you want to look your supplier in the eye.  At a home show, suppliers put themselves directly in front of customers, and as organisers we make that process an enjoyable one for everybody.”

Despite its growth and success, Bay Events still have the same ethics and goals that they did on day one.  “We succeed when our exhibitors succeed and not before,” says Dana.  “By striving towards that in everything that we do, we’ve created an incredible show that is now celebrating 22 years of helping the community build their dreams here in the Bay of Plenty.”

Visit the next Tauranga Home Show on the 6th, 7th & 8th of May 2022.

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6-8 May 2022


The first Tauranga Home Show took place in May 2000, and has grown over more than two decades to become the huge exhibition you see today.