Enjoy the simplicity and flavour of this traditional and genuine way of cooking

My-woodfiredoven brings the very best handmade wood fired ovens to New Zealand.  Their designs will stand out in your garden or patio - even on your veranda - and while they may look a little like other ovens around, these designs have secrets that you will appreciate as soon as you start cooking!

My-woodfiredoven have a passion for woodfired cooking that has allowed them to develop ovens with high performing standards, built with materials that will last.

The tradition of wood fired cooking

In the past, in most peasants' houses the wood fired oven was considered the soul of the home, providing warmth and fragrant foods prepared according to traditions passed on for generations.  Fortunately these traditions are not lost, and still today the wood fired oven brings back romantic memories of the past that come to life by the typical smell of wood fire mingling with the aroma of the food cooking in it.

The wood fired oven has its roots in ancient history, with the first ovens most likely built by ancient Egyptians in a conical structure build of stone and clay.  Other great civilisations developed the concept by redesigning and modifying the look and functionality - for example, the Greeks introduced some of the important variations that we still see today, such as the rounded dome shape that allows uniform cooking of the food.

Finally the Romans introduced additional elements to the Greek wood fired oven, in particular isolation rooms that minimise external heat exchange and thus obtaining an almost constant cooking temperature.  The 'Forno Romano' remained unchanged for centuries.

Technology has developed so that modern ideas and construction methods have simplified production of prefabricated wood fired ovens.  However, My-woodfiredoven believes in the traditional method of creating the ovens by hand, and are proud to work with the best materials so that you too can enjoy the greatness of this simple and genuine way of cooking.

Why wood fired cooking is so special

Compared to cooking in an electric oven, a wood fired oven has an incomparable fragrance, giving food a wonderfully subtle smoky flavour - or even a hint of char if you prefer!  You can maintain a level of consistent heat that you would never be achieve indoors, ensuring consistently fantastic results.

A wood fired oven is amazingly versatile - you can cook anything from pizza and bread to vegetables and whole fish - and there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of family cooking outdoors.

My-woodfiredoven's range include the My-Chef, My-Buddy and My-Mate models which come complete and ready to go.  Ask a happy owner of our ovens and he will tell you: it’s not just an oven, it becomes part of the home, part of the family, part of the weekends, part of beers with friends, part of backyard parties, part of family dinners.

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