'Energie' thermodynamic solar hot water that works at night!

Is it time you reduced your electricity bill?  The Alternative Energy Company is proud to introduce their awesome new next-generation thermodynamic solar hot water system.  This stunning new technology will provide all your hot water for the same cost as running a small fridge!

The 'Energie' system aims to be the most advanced in the world.  Totally fit and forget, it requires no maintenance - simply install and enjoy the savings!  Using free heat from the atmosphere, it helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels, contributing to saving the planet for our children and future generations. 

This system is a high quality, proven product from Europe, with over 30 years' experience in this advanced technology.  The solar panels are lightweight and have a number of installation options.  The panels work day and night as long as they are exposed to the environment. For maximum effectiveness they should be placed on a north facing roof.

For a family of four, an Eco 250 litre cylinder system will provide all the hot water you need with just one panel!

Super efficient and with huge energy savings, the Energie System can save you up to 85% of your hot water costs. 

Depending on the size of the system you choose, the complexity of the installation and your hot water usage, the Energie System installed on a new build should save enough money to pay for the system within five years.  The Energie system is most effective for large volume hot water usage and will dramatically reduce running costs for commercial users like schools, gyms, hospitals, breweries etc.

The sun doesn't always shine, and this lack of sunlight limits the effectiveness of traditional solar panels.  Energie thermodynamic solar panels overcome this constraint - the amazing Energie System even works at night!  It utilises an innovative thermodynamic principle involving evaporation, condensation and compression - all processes that generate heat.

The system works by using a refrigerant in the panel instead of water. The refrigerant liquid is at approx. -28 degrees Celsius, and air around the panel warms the liquid and it evaporates to form a hot gas.  A small compressor attached to the cylinder compresses the gas, giving off even more heat.  The very hot gas then travels around a spiral heat exchanger in the cylinder and gives up its heat to the water in the cylinder which surrounds the heat exchanger. As the gas cools it condensates (giving off more heat) and returns to a liquid, goes back to the panel and the process is repeated.

It is a very simple system with few moving parts, as it works by differential temperature – the difference between the temperature of the air around the panel and the very cold liquid in the panel. Unless the outside temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius the ‘Energie’ solar hot water system works all the time, even at night.

The Alternative Energy Company Energie thermodynamic hot water system

The Alternative Energy Company are passionate about renewable energy and energy saving technologies.

See The Alternative Energy Company at stand 436 at the Tauranga Home Show on the 16th, 17th & 18th October 2020 at Truspower Arena Baypark.

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