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4 Seasons Tauranga are proud to present the new Jayline UL200 ​ultra-low emission ​wood burner​ (ULEB)​.  This European-inspired, ultra-stylish design has a range of impressive features that set it apart from a traditional​ ​wood ​fire.

Designed to meet the strict emissions​ ​regulations in Canterbury, Nelson and Rotorua, the Jayline UL200 is New Zealand’s most efficient ultra-low emission burner. It is suited to homes or heating areas from 100 - 220 metres squared. 

The Jayline UL200 ​represents​ the future of home heating, with wood being the ultimate carbon​-​neutral fuel source – unlike gas or electricity. The secret to its incredible 79% efficiency is its innovative dual chamber firebox. The top chamber is loaded with wood and lit like a traditional fire, and it only burns in the main chamber at first. When the fire reaches a critical temperature, the opening that connects the top chamber to the flue automatically shuts, resulting in hot gases being drawn down into the bottom firebox where they combust in a unique ‘downwards flame’.

Unlike other ​ULEB's on the market, ​ the Jayline UL200 is fully automated and requires no electricity – meaning it will still be fully functional in a power cut​ and is very user-friendly. ​It also uses less wood and creates less ash than a traditional wood fire, meaning great fuel economy and less cleaning.  With the largest flame window of any ULEB on the market, ​the fire creates a beautiful atmosphere and ambience in your home.

Ultra efficient, ultra stylish, ultra simple and ultra affordable - futureproof your home heating with a modern and sophisticated Jayline UL200.

See 4 Seasons at stand 418 at the Tauranga Home Show on the 16th, 17th & 18th October 2020 at Truspower Arena Baypark.

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