Brighten your bathroom with LED mirrors

LED mirrors are an elegant and stylish way to brighten up your bathroom without sacrificing precious space, creating a beautiful ambient light that is perfect for applying makeup or shaving.

UniLED offer a range of sophisticated mirrors and backlit cabinets. Since they manufacture exclusively in New Zealand, they can craft the perfect look for your bathroom with custom sizes, lighting and artwork options.

Not all light is created equal, and the team at UniLED have put a lot of consideration into producing accurate lighting colours. While most LED striplights have a low Colour Rendering Index at 60-70CRI, their mirrors use LED chipsets with 95CRI – close to daylight, which is 100CRI. Combined with a natural white colour temperature, this represents the closest to natural light that you will find on the market today.

With each unit containing an inbuilt defogger, highly durable glass and an infrared on/off switch, UniLED mirrors are wonderfully practical and user-friendly. In keeping with their mission of using sustainable and environmentally friendly products wherever possible, their mirrors are totally lead-free and contain less than 0.1% copper, unlike lower-quality imported products.

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