Juno Gin

New Zealand's goddess of gin

Calling all lovers of fine gin! New Zealand's goddess of gin, Juno Gin of Aotearoa, will be joining us at the Tauranga Home Show with tasting samples of their international award-winning Extra Fine Gin.

Known for charming the most ordinary occasion into something magical - a hand-selected, harmonious blend of pure New Zealand mountain water and the finest botanicals and spices.

Juno Gin

The goddess Juno is the wife of Jupiter and known as the goddess of marriage and domestic harmony. She is linked to the idea of vital force, fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness.

Juno is the perfect goddess to oversee the marriage of flavours that happens within the copper pot still during distillation, ensuring that the carefully selected botanicals and the beautiful water of Mt Taranaki come to fruition as an extra fine gin of distinction.

Juno Gin

Juno Extra Fine Gin has juniper at its heart with coriander bringing warmth and a hint of lemon. Other key botanicals in Extra Fine gin include orris root, kaffir lime leaves, green cardamom, Angelica root, manuka and cassia bark.

For seasonal variants, Juno Gin use what is fresh and plentiful, the fruits and leaves that have flourished through the season. Each drop is divine!

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