Love luxury? Enjoy the warmth of polished concrete

GrindKing has specialised in polished concrete in the Bay of Plenty since 2003. They're passionate about the unique look and practical benefits of polished concrete flooring, as well as the variety of ways it can be used in your home.

Polished concrete is a fantastic flooring option with a range of advantages over other floor coverings. With great thermal properties, concrete floors are far thicker than tiles and don't change temperature quickly - absorbing heat during the day and slowly releasing it during the night - saving you money on heating your home. Polished concrete is extremely hardwearing and easy to clean, and doesn't harbour dust mites or pests.

Polished concrete can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a seamless indoor / outdoor flow. With a timeless look that suits any home and furnishing style, polished concrete can be used in a range of adaptable looks.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the GrindKing team for an awesome job done on our polished concrete. All our friends and guests love it and comment on how unique and stunning it looks. Your team sure take a pride in their work and I would say are perfectionists." - Annette & Dave Giles

Choose the colour and aggregate you prefer and use your imagination with coloured glass or crushed shell. It's your floor - GrindKing encourage you to get creative and make your concrete polished floor unique and unlike any other!

GrindKing uses a unique tooling system for their exterior finishing known as bush hammering, enabling them to create dust-free permanent anti-slip areas - textured surfaces that last much longer than any chemical anti-slip treatments.

The Tauranga tidal stairs project has reaped the benefits of the bush hammered finish. After the Council built the stairs in 2017, they began receiving complaints that the stairs were too slippery to use as silt from the harbour was settling on the stairs, requiring waterblasting twice a week and costing a fortune in ongoing maintenance. GrindKing approached the Council and offered them a free sample of their bush hammered finish, and after a month of testing it was agreed they would apply their technique to the whole structure.

GrindKing did a coarse bush hammer texture and applied c2 Superhard densifier over the surface to harden, dust proof and tighten the concrete which has helped to keep the silt from penetrating the concrete - and the results speak for themselves. Waterblasting is now only needed sporadically for neat presentation rather than combating slipperiness.

With comprehensive experience across all areas of concrete grinding, polishing and sealing, GrindKing is well equipped with the latest industry leading technology and have the manpower and machinery to take on jobs of any scale.

For affordable concrete solutions from skilled professionals, contact GrindKing.

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