Security, control and peace of mind in one simple solution

Control the many aspects of your busy life from one place with a simple, easy to use solution that fits in your pocket.

Providing ease, comfort and peace of mind, Smartlife smart home systems make it easy for everyone - partners, families and guests, to control lighting, scenes, doorbells, locks, cameras, intercom, and more, at home or remotely. It’s modular and expandable - there are lots of options that can be added now or pre-wired for future installation, transforming any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home.

With smart solutions for homes of every size, style and location, Smartlife are experts in smart

homes and home automation, delivering their smart technology in New Zealand for over a decade.

Enjoy the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment and home

security from a single, intuitive app.

Smartlife is New Zealand owned and operated, launched with a vision to provide easy to use, integrated smart systems for homes and businesses, giving people easy access to the benefits of technology while removing complexity.

Your home is getting smarter every day, and Smartlife's goal is to put the power at your fingertips to interconnect those smart devices. With their Intelligent Cloud Platform, your data and privacy are safe and secure. Whether you're building new, renovating, remodelling or just bringing your home up to speed, smart solutions add convenience and value to your home.


Smartlife lighting

Control your lights remotely and turn them on or off automatically using Smartlife's lighting and electrical control systems. Make the most of your lighting design by controlling groups of lights together from the touch of a switch or a voice command. Cooking, dining, movie mode or romantic - setting the mood is easy.

All lights on in a fire or burglary, all lights off when you leave, lived-in look while you're out or low lighting for the late night trip to the bathroom - smart lighting saves energy and provides numerous everyday benefits to you and your family.

Entertainment and home theatre

Smartlife entertainment

Whether it's kicking back after a hard day or entertaining friends and family, a quality entertainment system is an essential part of your home. From projectors to home theaters, from 4k to 8k Smart TV solutions, Smartlife brings together all the new forms of entertainment with the old and enables you to easily enjoy it the way you choose.

Whether you are watching, gaming or listening to music, you can share content in every room, at any volume, from anywhere, and all accessible from your mobile, tablet or built-in touchscreen. Ditch the basket full of remote controls and manage everything with the Smartlife app.

Home security and CCTV

Providing Smart Security solutions for many years, Smartlife have a wide range of solutions from traditional fully wired systems to the latest wireless alarm and security cameras, perfect for remote security for your holiday home, bach or AirBnB.

Access control

Remotely allow access to selected areas of the house for important deliveries or friendly neighbours when necessary. Give access to people you trust anytime, from anywhere.

Smartlife has seen the increasing demand for automated delivery solutions where couriers can contact the owner of the house upon arrival. Through the app, the owner can remotely open the front door or garage door (turning the alarm off at the same time) and allow the courier to deliver packages while observed if required via the camera, and resecure the home once the courier leaves.

Energy control and efficiency

Smartlife energy control

With Smartlife Energy you are now in a position to get all the benefits from not just monitoring your power consumption but having your Smartlife system make intelligent automation decisions.

Whether energy conservation or saving is your thing or you just wish to lower your energy costs, Smartlife's smart energy solutions provide you with a huge range of energy saving and energy efficiency opportunities. Smartlife works with a number of solar solutions with a range of solar panel, solar light and solar battery options.

Join the energy revolution today with Smartlife NZ

Aged care and monitoring

Smartlife aged care

Smartlife can help you look after those you love with an intelligent and comprehensive Smartlife Care solution. Providing peace of mind via passive monitoring the elderly can remain safely independent living in their own home for longer.

With a range of panic buttons and sensors, you can call for help or tailor the response to your needs. You can also help your loved ones remotely, assisting with entertainment control, heating, security and lighting.

The Smartlife Interactive Showroom in Tauranga allows you to experience the options and decide what is best for you, guided by the highly experienced Smartlife team. Call 07 281 1504 to set up an interactive demonstration today!

There's never been a better time to smarten up your home or business. Talk to the team at Smartlife - they've got the bases covered!

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